Delivering on Intentional Strategy

1st Edge set out to build a company to attract driven, talented employees by prioritizing taking care of them. At the same time, we wanted to do stimulating work with a higher purpose. But everyone wants that. How do we balance the right amounts of nurturing the employees, taking care of the customers, and just enough back office support structure?

It takes an intentional strategy that's built into every decision we make. We only hire candidates at the top of their field who are relentlessly driven to accomplish the mission. At 1st Edge, we are taking a shot at growing a great culture by building it into our business strategy.


Be part of a collaborative culture that values its people.

1st Edge Formed in 2011
Small Business Provider to DoD
MDA SBIR Phase I & II Winner



Tim McCarter

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As co-founder of 1st Edge, Tim McCarter enjoys the challenge of helping a company culture grow from the ground up. With an aversion to toxic work environments, Tim decided he wanted to create a company that was everything he never had. He believes that all employees play a part in the culture and ensures that 1st Edge provides a healthy, rewarding framework. Tim's leadership and forethought have grown 1st Edge into a company that respects, appreciates, and takes care of its employees. When Tim isn’t developing AI technologies to defend our nation and allies, you can find him at his lake house, spending time with his grandkids.

Nathan Claburn

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Nathan Claburn is Vice President and co-founder of 1st Edge where he leads development of AI technologies. Having grown up just 30 minutes away in Guntersville, Alabama, he was drawn to Huntsville’s engineering reputation. Nathan is an Alumnus of the University of Alabama in Huntsville and has over 20 years of software engineering experience within DoD. He believes cultivating an employee-centered company allows people to do their best work. When he’s not working, he enjoys hiking with his family in the North Alabama Land Trust’s extensive trail network.

Military Humvee

“Those risking everything for our nation’s security deserve the best possible tools we can provide. It is an honor to support them.”

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